Laxxie Pet Calming Beds

"One of the most highly rated calming pet beds proven to ease anxiety." -based on Amazon reviews.

We all want to remember how we were carried by our parents when we were young. That's why we made sure our beds remind our canine companions of their mother's comforting and nurturing touch.

Proven To Ease Anxiety: The Laxxie Pet Beds provide a place that comforts and relaxes your dog, relieving anxiety and stress. 
Extra Comfort: The Laxxie features a round doughnut shape that lets dogs burrow and curl up to their heart’s content.
Soft Vegan Fur Fabric: - The same fabric used on blankets for babies! It's soft, and,  durable!
Luxury Design: Luxury design and looks make this bed a great addition to the design of any home. They come in different sizes, colors, and patterns for dogs of all sizes.

Take a load off your dog's paws and on to Laxxie Pet Beds. Calming pet beds have been shown to ease anxiety and reduce barking while providing a comfortable place for them to chill out. It's the perfect way to help your dog relax at home without having to worry about them.

Package Content:
1 x Pet bed